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Sergio Bambaren was born in Lima in 1960. He was educated at a British high school and graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Texas A&M University. From his early years he has been captivated by the ocean, so he travelled the world to go soul-surfing, always in search of the perfect wave. His first book, “The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer”, sold 100,000 copies in less than one year. Bambaren quit his job as sales manager for a multinational company in Australia and has been devoted to writing and his passion for the sea ever since. He is vice president of the environmental protection organization Mundo Azul. He has 22 books to his name, translated into over 40 languages.



You do not get old based on the time you have behind you, you get old when you start forgetting your dreams.

There are moments in life when we forget our dreams, when happiness seems to be far away, when we find ourselves paralyzed, without strength and unable to move forward. These are the moments in which, in order to not lose our essence, we listen to the voice of our heart, which speaks to us every single day. And it tells us that life is always a precious gift. It whispers us to live it, not to give up and to follow the path of our destiny, wherever it takes us.

In The Light at the Other Side of the River, our Dreamer starts from a river in the middle of the Amazon forest. It is there that one night he sees a light shining on the other side, along with the silhouette of a human being. It is there that he follows that light and meets Amatami, the shaman of ancient wisdom. It is there that he discovers that he shall meet a very special child, with the eyes of heaven and an indigo soul. The Dreamer will have to cross the ocean, travel the Mediterranean to the emerald island, Sardinia, and then to depart for other seas and other forests, to the wild woods of Eastern Europe, where the bears meet mysterious legends. And finally he will see Amatami, together with his special child. With a message full of hope.



True happiness is a choice of the heart. That's why I ask you to let your heart tell you whether or not to read this book, Live Your Dreams. The Fulfillment of a True, Happy Life. Maybe you’ll decide that it has not been written for you. Maybe you're one of the lucky few who are really satisfied with their lives. But perhaps you are one of those many sensitive and gentle human beings that feel that something is not right with their life, no matter how much money you make, or how much you are admired by your friends and peers. Maybe sometimes you feel an emptiness that cannot be filled with the things you worked so hard to get and thought would make you happy. When has everything got so complicated? When did you realize that the day was not long enough for all the things you supposedly had to do? When was the last day you can remember that you loved your life, but suddenly from nowhere it started to feel like a routine? That yesterday was like today, and that tomorrow will probably be the same? When did you lose your true happiness? If any of these questions rings a bell in your heart, making you feel uneasy, maybe you should read this book. It is written for children aged eight to one hundred years…



The Dolphin is a story of courage, of struggle against our own fears, our own limits. It reminds us that there is more to life than meets the eye… things we can only discover if we follow our own rules. It is a story of hope that unveils the magic of this world, the magic we too often seem to forget. So follow your dreams, listen to the voice within you, and let Daniel Dolphin take you on the most magical journey of all – the quest to fulfill your own destiny.


A wonderful story about our courage, our fears, our personal limitations.



The Dolphin is a wonderful book that awakens the dreamer within us. Like The Little Prince, it is written in simple language, yet it contains a strong and inspiring message that will enchant people of all ages.

Louise L. Hay, the best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life


A magical story for young and old alike!



We belong to a generation that is empowered and believes in positive change, so we want Daniel Dolphin to be that character. Entertainment is a very powerful vehicle to inspire audiences to take actions and make waves.

Carmen Forsberg (Producer)


And we need to take care of the ocean and it is my hope that Daniel Dolphin as an ambassador of the ocean will help us to actually achieve that goal.

Tony Bartram (Victor Harbor, Dolphin Watch)


On “The Promise”


Sergio Bambaren poses the great questions of happiness: and finds moving answers.

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The House of Light

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The Best Is yet to Come!

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The Promise

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Letters to My Son, Daniel

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Beach of Dreams

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Film rights under option

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The Dolphin – Story of a Dreamer

Australia: self-published 1995, 160 p.

10 million copies sold worldwide

Adapted for an animated movie called “The Dreaming Dolphin” and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The sequel is in pre-production.

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