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Daniel Ferrreira, born in Colombia in 1981, is a writer and blogger. His short stories, chronicles and essays have been published in major Latin American newspapers such as El Espectador in Colombia, Casa de las Américas in Cuba, Letras Libres and Tierradentro in Mexico. In 2013, his blog Una hoguera para que arde Goya was awarded the “Best Blog for the Dissemination of Spanish Language Culture in 2013” by the Instituto Cervantes and the University Alcalá de Henares. His work has been awarded several literary prizes, among them the Premio Clarín for "Rebelión de los oficios inútiles". In the frame of Bogotá39-2017, organized by the Hay Festival, Daniel Ferreira has been selected as one of the 39 highest profile Latin American writers under the age of 40.



Rebelión de los oficios inútiles (“Rebellion of the Useless Professions”) is a brilliant choral novel that captivates the reader with huge narrative power.

Simón Alemán, a melancholic and much-travelled landowner goes bankrupt while trying to fulfill his utopian dream about building a luxurious village on top of a mountain in his native Colombia. Under the leadership of the elderly but persevering peasant Ana Larrota, the workers, cheated out on their wages, seize the land, ending in a tragedy the official media try to hush up. But Joaquín Borja, the owner of the small left-wing newspaper The Political Hen, will not give up searching for the truth, not even when his own life is at risk.

Through different narrative threads, the reader follows these unique characters through their eventful lives, in Colombia, post-war Italy, New York and Cuba, led by the author’s artfully constructed plot and the tireless voice of a great storyteller.



Daniel Ferreira makes it quite clear that the sagas of blood and death are far from over.

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A great story, whose many stylistic attributes are handled with remarkable precision. A moving novel not only because of what is told, but how it is told.

Claudia Piñeiro


Profound, tragic, choral: With the power of its prose and the skills of its narrative resources Rebelión de los oficios inútiles reaches the very highest level of contemporary Latin American literature.

Sylvia Iparraguirre


Daniel Ferreira brings together all the right ingredients to portray Latin America in a way that is both authentic and painful at the same time



I write about violence to heal myself from what I have experienced.

Daniel Ferreira about Rebelión de los oficios inútiles



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Pentalogía de Colombia


El año del sol negro

Bogotá: Alfaguara, forthcoming 2018


Rebelión de los oficios inútiles

Buenos Aires: Alfaguara-Clarín 2014, 320 p.

Premio Clarín de Novela 2014

Already in its 6° reprint

English sample translation available


Viaje al interior de una gota de sangre

Havana: Editorial Arte y Literatura 2011; Veracruz: Editorial Universidad Veracruzana 2014, 122 p.

Bogotá: Alfaguara 2017

Premio Latinoamericano de Novela Alba Narrativa 2011


La balada de los bandoleros baladíes

Veracruz: Editorial Universidad Veracruzana 2010; Havana: Editorial Arte y Literatura 2015, 114 p.

Bogotá: Alfaguara, forthcoming 2019

Premio Latinoamericano de Novela Sergio Galindo 2010