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Fernando Gómez Aguilera was born in San Felices de Buelna, Cantabria, in 1962. He is a poet, essayist, and philologist and has worked as professor of Spanish literature. He is the director of the César Manrique Foundation and sits on the board of the José Saramago Foundation. In 2007, he put together a large-scale exhibition dedicated to Saramago's life and literary trajectory.



The book José Saramago: La consistencia de los sueños. Biografía cronológica ("José Saramago: The Consistency of Dreams. Chronological Biography"), which the exhibition of the same name gave rise to, passes through the various stages of life and work of the 1998 Nobel Prize winner. It is based on books published by and about the writer, press cuttings, interviews, unpublished material such as Saramago's own archives, personal diaries, notebooks, letters, and many photos of his private and public life, as a writer and as an engagé citizen.



José Saramago en sus palabras ("José Saramago in his Own Words") consists of a collection of statements made by the author and assembled from the print media from the second half of the 1970s to the beginning of 2009. Polemical, provocative, combative, the writer always exercized his critical thought without censure, saying exactly what he believed. The personal declarations collected here make up a precious source of information and a presentation of his ethical ideas and values, as well as a compendium of wisdom.



In this work, Gómez Aguilera not only demonstrates the absolute coherence of José Saramagos's life and work but also that the great success he experienced in the last two decades of his life was not a product of good fortune but of all the work and all the endeavour invested in the previous years, until he found his style and his own voice, which was to reveal him as the genius that he is.

C. Macías, University of Málaga




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