Rogelio Guedea


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Rogelio Guedea, born in Mexico in 1974, is considered one of Mexico’s most important young authors. He studied law and literature in Mexico and Spain and has already received countless prizes, among others the highly respected Premio Adonáis de Poesía. Guedea had lectured at the University of Otago in New Zealand for several years.


The Last Breakfast (“El último desayuno”) is a detective story based on real facts: the murder of a student on a university campus serves as the thread of the plot. Roque, the protagonist, is a Mexican professor at a New Zealand university. He has the impression that the police and his colleagues think he is responsible for the crime. In this situation, it does not help that after separating from his wife he is going through a period of mental instability, nor that he cannot remember the details of his relationship with Sara, the murdered student. While Roque tries to hide his fear and discomfort, he concentrates on finding a solution to all his problems and circumstances: the relationship with his ex-wife and children, his lovers, his role as resident in a foreign country. The author weaves a story of intrigue extending far beyond the detective story, where the real conflict is human frailty itself.


It reads in one gulp and stays in the memory.

La Jornada Semanal



Rogelio Guedea’s latest novel Secret Lives (“Vidas secretas”) tells the story of a perfidious scheme. The Mexican Roque de la Mora teaches Spanish at a university in New Zealand. Although very attracted to his student Natasha, he resists her obvious advances – until he gets a nasty surprise.



The Crime of Los Tepames (“El crimen de Los Tepames”) is the last part of the captivating Colima trilogy. Two brothers are brutally murdered in the usually quiet town of Los Tepames. Abel finds out that some mining companies were quite interested in their land. As he digs deeper, he finds himself in a swamp of murderous corruption from which there is no escape.

Once again, Guedea fascinates the reader with his strong language and his outstanding style. The book was among the bestselling books in Mexico’s most important bookstore, Librería Gandhi.



Colima/Mexico: in the heat of an election campaign, the governor's brother is found assassinated with a 41-calibre bullet. Has he fallen victim to a serial killer or is the opposition party behind it? Based on a true story, the novel 41 paints a merciless picture of present-day Mexico.


With this book, Guedea is consolidated as one of Mexico’s best narrators.

La Jornada Semanal



In The Brothers Corona (“Conducir un tráiler”), the young Abel Corona goes looking for his girlfriend, taking a lift from a truck driver who is involved in the drugs trade. When he steals money from him, Abel starts fearing for his life. Then his brother Ismael is found dead, and Abel is confronted with an old family feud: a fight over land ending in death. Is he being lured into a trap, to fall victim to revenge?


Fresh and modern, this is an important work of fiction.

Daniel Chacón, author of Hotel Júarez


Excellent. A great novel, I really did enjoy it.

Paco Ignacio Taibo II


It will not be long before the writer of this book is recognised by critics as a key and refreshing force in contemporary Mexican narrative.

Adelso Yánez, Caribe


Driving a Trailer Truck opens new paths within the contemporary narrative.

Blanca Fonseca, JILAR


Reading is a highly enjoyable craft, as Guedea shows in his narrative essay Business: reading (“Oficio: leer”). In the form of short fictional pieces based around the works of well-known writers such as Cioran, Bolaño, Greene, Pessoa, Kafka and García Márquez, he awakens our desire for turning pages.

For further information, please also visit the author’s website:
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Habitaciones compartidas
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Among the bestselling books in Mexico’s most important bookstore, Librería Gandhi
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Premio Interamericano de Literatura Carlos Montemayor 2012

English translation available
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Silverio Cañadas Prize 2009 at the Semana Negra in Gijón
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For young readers:
El diario de Bruno
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Los trenes nunca vuelven
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La mala jugada
Argentina: Castillo (Macmillan) 2013, 141 p. 
Participation in anthologies:
Vamos a leer
Germany: dtv 2018
(Excerpt of Viajes en casa)

La Frontera – Die mexikanisch-US-amerikanische Grenze und ihre Künstler

Frankfurt am Main: Faust Kultur