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Marc-Uwe Kling, born in 1982, lives and works as a songwriter, political stand-up comedian and author in Berlin. He studied philosophy and theatre science at the Freie Universität Berlin and since 2003 has been a guest at various reading events and poetry slams all over Germany. In 2004 he founded his own series of public literary events which is running until today. A two-time German Poetry Slam Champion, Marc-Uwe Kling has also won numerous awards for his stage shows. For his Kangaroo Trilogy, bestsellers in Germany, he was awarded the German Radio Award, the German Cabaret Award and the German Audiobook Prize. In 2018, Kling received the German Science Fiction Award for his novel "QualityLand". According to the jury, “QualityLand” is the best German genre novel in the category of science fiction.



QualityLand is a fun dystopia that plays in a near future. The novel takes the reader to an unspecified western country, which for reasons of image was renamed. In QualityLand work, leisure time and relationships are optimized by algorithms. QualityPartner knows who is best suited to you. The self-driving car knows where you want to go. And anyone who is registered with TheShop will receive all the products he or she wants, without having to order them, because the system knows what everybody wants. No one is forced any more to take difficult decisions – because in QualityLand the answer to every question is: OK.

Nevertheless, the machine-scrapper Peter begins to suspect that something is wrong with his life. If the system is really so perfect, why are there drones that suffer from fear of flight, or combat robots with post-traumatic stress disorder? Why did the system rate him at level 10, only one level above the single-digit range, where people are considered "useless"? Why does his girlfriend Sandra Admin unhesitatingly leave him during a romantic dinner when QualityPartner offers her a better partner as an upgrade? And why the hell does he get a pink vibrator in form of a dolphin from TheShop? Peter decides to return the unwanted product, but that's not at all easy.

An astonishing futuristic satire about the promises and pitfalls of digitisation. Visionary, profound and very, very funny.



Kling's narration is formally captivating and imaginative - the most exciting political novel in a long time.

Druckfrisch, Denis Scheck


A featherweight comedy with a dark wit and inventive pictures.

FAZ, Sandra Kegel


A society satire, to laugh oneself to death, for all who are not yet dead.

Die Zeit, Elisabeth von Thadden


Always entertaining, but never without false bottom.

ntv, Solveig Bach






In The Kangaroo Chronicles (“Die Känguru-Chroniken”) the author Marc-Uwe Kling lives together with a kangaroo and writes funny songs and stories. His business model is to publish books that fiercely criticize capitalism and sell incredibly well. The kangaroo came to Germany as a guest-worker. It is a communist and an antifascist, but most of the time behaves like an anarchist. Like every real kangaroo it loves boxing, always carries boxing gloves in its bag and founded the “Fight Club”, where people are trained to fight Nazis. Its antipathy to capitalism is easy to understand when it plays Monopoly with Marc-Uwe: the kangaroo doesn’t accept any rules, refuses to pay the rent for entering a house and squats in it; then all houses, train stations, the waterworks and the electricity power station are claimed free for the public. The game ends surprisingly in a tie. It is really into Nirvana. It's a classical Berlin flat-sharing community, where the deep questions of life are hotly debated: is lying in a hammock already a kind of passive resistance? Must the kangaroo place its pouch onto the conveyor belt at the airport security check? Did the kangaroo really fight for the Vietcong? And why is it addicted to champagne truffles?


In The Kangaroo Manifest (“Das Känguru-Manifest”) they are back again: the communist kangaroo and the stoic artisan. In their fight against the mysterious Ministry of Productivity they are not afraid of anything. A conspiracy at the lowest level. Spectacular revelations. Scandals. Something crazy about religion. Wonderfully slanting stories - with fun, excitement and champagne truffles.


The Kangaroo Revelation (“Die Känguru-Offenbarung”) is the fulminating sequel to the sequel: the marsupial and the minky artist on the hunt for the mysterious penguin. Get ready: This is the revelation of the kangaroos to show the Asocial Network what will happen in the near future.


The Kangaroo Apocrypha (“Die Känguru-Apokryphen”) will guide you through all of life situations. Whether it‘s a meeting with Donald Trump or Kim-Jong Un‘s birthday, you‘ll have the arguments on your side in small talk. This book teaches you how to become smarter, more self-reliant and slimmer in your sleep. It will influence your opinions on the following topics: Craftsmen, Coriander, Nazis, Potters, Social Democrats. There is also a kangaroo in it.


Stories from the pouch – thunderingly comical!

Der Spiegel


Millions can be wrong, but this time the fans are absolutely right - the man is an event. (...) I have rarely felt so well, persistently and soothingly amused.



There are a total of 1000 Kangaroo pages to read, and none of them you would want to delete.

Die Zeit




There once was a princess all pretty and blinking.

Like most of her kind,

her great weakness was thinking.


And not only is Princess Head-of-Snot (“Prinzessin Popelkopf”) stupid, she’s also mean, which is why a little witch curses her and turns her into what her name means. From now on, the princess must actually wear a giant snot-filled head on her neck. Her father, King Stinkfoot Headof-Snot, suggests that she should change her name and thus her appearance by getting married. However, the picky princess does not wish to marry Prince Poop-Puss nor Sir Zit because she is in love with Duke Doofus.“

The rhymes in Marc-Uwe Kling’s cheerfully impolite children’s story, about superficialities and the power to change oneself, will have both children and adults laughing out loud. With imaginative and quirky illustrations by Astrid Henn.


­The enigmatic and wonderfully biting rhymes are catchy for children and make reading aloud a pleasure. An instructive fairy tale that fascinates young and old with witty words and funny pictures.

Janet Blume,





QualityLand 2.0

Berlin: Ullstein, forthcoming 12th October 2020

Catalan: Edicions Periscopi



Berlin: Ullstein 2017, 384 p.

Rights for TV series sold to Lionsgate, attached director: Michael Judge (known for “Beavis and Butt-Head”, “King of the Hill” and the comedy series “Silicon Valley”)

Over 660.601 copies sold

Under the top 10 of the Spiegel Bestseller list over 5 month

Brazil: Planeta 2020 Bulgaria: Colibri Catalan: Periscopi 2020 China: White Horse Czech Republic: Albatros Media Finland: Like Hungary: Helikon Italy: Feltrinelli 2020 Japan: Kawade Sobo Shinsha 2019 Kuwait: Alsurra 2019 (Arabic) Lithuania: Alma Littera 2020The Netherlands: DeHarmonie Poland: NieZwykłe (Dariusz Marszałek) 2020 Portugal: Presença Russia: Eksmo Serbia: Laguna Slovakia: Ikar 2020Spain: Tusquets (Spanish world rights) 2020 Sweden: Thoren & Lindskog Taiwan: Crown Publishing Company 2019 Turkey: Epsilon 2019 UK: Orion USA: Grand Central (Hachette) 2020


Kangaroo Trilogy

Film rights sold to x-Filme (“Goodbye, Lenin”, “Das weiße Band”). Approx. budget: 10 million euros, director Dani Levy. Release March 2020

195 weeks on the Spiegel Bestseller list

Audio Books Awards (11x Gold)


The Kangaroo Apocrypha (“Die Känguru-Apokryphen”)

Berlin: Ullstein 2018, 208 p.


The Kangaroo Revelation (“Die Känguru-Offenbarung: der Känguru-Chroniken dritter Teil”)

Berlin: Ullstein 2014, 2015, 393 p.

Finland: BookBeat OY (audio and eBook) France: Laffont Sweden: Thorén & Lindskog; BookBeat AB (audio book)


The Kangaroo Manifest (“Das Känguru-Manifest: der Känguru-Chroniken zweiter Teil”)

Berlin: Ullstein 2011, 2015, 302 p.

Finland: BookBeat OY (audio and eBook) France: Laffont The Netherlands: De Harmonie 2019 Sweden: Thorén & Lindskog; BookBeat AB (audio book)


The Kangaroo Chronicles (“Die Känguru-Chroniken: Ansichten eines vorlauten Beuteltiers”)

Berlin: Ullstein 2009, 2015, 271 p.

Complete English translation available

Denmark: Turbine 2016 Finland: BookBeat OY (audio and eBook)France: Laffont Korea: Will Company 2016 Kuwait: Alsurra 2019 (Arabic) The Netherlands: De Harmonie 2018 Sweden: Thorén & Lindskog; BookBeat AB (audio book)



For Children

The Day Grandpa Put the Water Boiler on the Stove (“Der Tag, an dem der Opa den Wasserkocher auf den Herd gestellt hat”)

Ill. by Astrid Henn

Hamburg: Carlsen, forthcoming September 2020, 72 p.


The uNOcorn (Das NEINhorn)

Ill. by Astrid Henn

Hamburg: Carlsen 2019, 48 p.

China: Wu-Nan Czech Republic: Barrister & Principal Denmark: Bolden Hungary: Scolar Iceland: Bokafelagid Italy: EL The Netherlands: Volt Poland: Debit Romania: Univers South Korea: Byeolsoop Spain: Picarona (all four national languages) Turkey: Pegasus UK + Commonwealth: Templar



The Day Grandma Broke the Internet (“Der Tag, an dem die Oma das Internet kaputt gemacht hat”)

Ill. by Astrid Henn

Hamburg: Carlsen 2018, 72 p.

China: Jieli Denmark: Turbine Greek: Metaixmio Hungary: Scolar The Netherlands: De Vier Windstreken Russia: Teenbook South Korea: LIME Taiwan: Weber Turkey: Uyurgezer


Father Easter (“Der Ostermann”)

Ill. by Astrid Henn

Hamburg: Carlsen 2017, 48 p.

Romania: Univers 2017


Princess Head-of-Snot (“Prinzessin Popelkopf”)

Ill. by Astrid Henn

Dresden/Leipzig: Voland & Quist 2015, 32 p.

English translation available