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Ricardo Lísias was born in São Paulo in 1975 and is regarded as one of Brazil’s main voices in recent literature. In carefully selected language, the author takes up contemporary topics and universal issues with great originality. Apart from writing, Ricardo Lísias teaches Portuguese as a second language. He has been awarded numerous prizes, among others the prestigious Jabuti Prize, and he was chosen as one of the twenty new promising authors in Brazilian literature by Granta magazine in 2012.


In his new novel Divórcio (“Divorce”), Ricardo Lísias tells the story of a marriage that falls apart – after only four months. The introverted narrator accidentally reads in his wife’s diary how much she despises him, and that any child would be ashamed to have him as a father. He packs his things immediately and starts to write down what he calls his “collapse”. As he digs deeper into his own past, he needs to confront himself with some bitter truths. Written as a stream of emotions, Divórcio brings the reader painfully close to the soul of a man as he finds himself needing to build a new life.


With insight and subtle irony, Ricardo Lísias has written a novel close to the heart that will stay with the reader for a long time.

When his best friend André commits suicide, Ricardo’s world falls apart. Driven by guilt over not having prevented André’s death and the fear that he may now be suffering in hell for his deed, Ricardo goes on a journey both mental and geographic in order to understand his friend’s affliction. To distract himself from his worries he pursues a quest of his own, following a trail of mysterious letters to the Lebanon, from where his ancestors originate. There he hopes to find the answers to a family secret and regain the inner peace he has lost. O céu dos suicidas (“The Suicide’s Heaven”) is a man’s emotional voyage as he queries the complex subjects of friendship and loneliness.


A novel that makes the reader feel the proverbial lump in his throat.

Folha de S. Paulo


Ricardo Lísias proves himself to be one of the main voices in Brazil’s most recent literature.

O Globo


His high-risk endeavour and his authorial courage make Ricardo Lísias, unmistakably, one of the great names of new Brazilian literature.

Estado de S. Paulo







Rio de Janeiro: Alfaguara 2013, 240 p.

English sample translation available


O céu dos suicidas

Rio de Janeiro: Alfaguara 2012, 192 p.

English sample translation available


O Livro dos mandarins

Rio de Janeiro: Alfaguara 2009, 344 p.

Shortlisted for the São Paulo Literature Prize

Argentina: Adriana Hidalgo (Spanish world rights) 2014 Italy: Barbès Editore


Duas praças

São Paulo: Globo 2005, 128 p.

Shortlisted for the Portugal Telecom Prize for Brazilian Literature 2006


Cobertor de Estrelas 

Rio de Janeiro: Rocco 1999, 128 p.

Shortlisted for the Jabuti Prize2008

Spain: Oqo editora 2005 (Spanish and Galician)



Short stories:

Concentração e outros contos

Rio de Janeiro: Alfaguara 2015, 272 p.


Anna O e outras novelas

São Paulo: Globo 2007, 206 p.

Jabuti Prize 2008



For Children:

Greve Contra a Guerra 

São Paulo: Hedra 2005, 48 p.


Sai da Frente, Vaca Brava

São Paulo: Hedra 2001, 48 p.



Participation in anthologies:

Cuentos en tránsito. Antología de narrativa brasileña

Buenos Aires: Alfaguara 2014, 225 p.

(Story De los nervios)



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