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Viviana Rivero, born in Córdoba, Argentina, is a bestselling author and a lawyer. She has also worked as a producer and director of TV programmes and founded various self-defence groups for women. Her novels Secreto bien guardado and Y ellos se fueron were both instant bestsellers in Argentina. In 2011, Viviana Rivero won the title of Literary Artist of the Year of Córdoba, and the renowned newspaper La Voz del Interior named her Citizen of the Year for her literary activity.

Viviana Rivero sold half a million copies of all of her titles. With Los colores de la felicidad (The Colours of Happiness), she became the top-selling author of romantic novels in her country.


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Can a great love twist fate?

At the beginning of 1920, Melisa Loyola, daughter of the most renowned tailor in Paris, longs to become a dancer and singer. Since she was a child, she has been helping her father in his studio, and thus comes into contact with the glittering castings of the Moulin Rouge and the Folies Bergère. She dreams of shining on stage, even if this is not exactly the future her mother wants for her.

"Rich as an Argentine" is the phrase coined in early-twentieth-century Paris, referring to the ranchers who visit the city for long periods and enjoy an ostentatious life. Money seems to flow from inexhaustible sources, and Nikolai Martínez Romanov is one of those privileged visitors. When he meets Melisa, a love flourishes between them that seems indestructible, and which will unfold between Paris and Buenos Aires. But the winds will change direction and the couple will live through difficult times, requiring extraordinary courage.

In her new novel (“Yes”), Viviana Rivero once again constructs a plot full of adventures and excitement, with moving characters and dreamlike settings. An exciting story, impossible to put down, with an underlying message: even in adverse circumstances, we human beings are always able to start over.



What’s the price of happiness? In a country in turmoil, a man and a woman are willing to do anything to achieve it.

Young Argentine photographer Brisa Giulli travels to Cuba as part of the entourage accompanying Juan Manuel Fangio, the five times Formula 1 champion, during the Havana Grand Prix. Joel Fernandez, a versatile artist and son of a powerful tobacco tycoon, works secretly in support of the forthcoming revolution. When Brisa and Joel meet on a warm night in February 1958, they know that nothing will be the same for them. Crossed by the dramatic political events, they will live an intense love, excessive and passionate. But in the heat of the changes happening around them, they find themselves trapped in a series of extreme situations that force them to take terrible decisions.

Love, suspense and a string of events that changed the world - the Cuban revolution, Fangio’s kidnapping in Havana, the Salon de Mai - drive the plot of this new novel by Viviana Rivero.

Los colores de la felicidad (“The Colours of Happiness”) is a compelling story, marked by the search for a perfect ideal - freedom - and a message learned through blood and tears: happiness is closer than we think; it's just a matter of fighting for it.



Buenos Aires, 1935: The young attorney Juan Bautista falls in love with April, the beautiful daughter of his most bitter rival. Compelled by a painting that resonates deeply within him and in order to gain distance from April, he travels to Italy, home of the mysterious painter. There he learns the truth about his own roots, which will redefine his past and shape his future with April.

La dama de noche (“The Lady of the Night“) is an electrifying journey across two epochs and two countries in which the fates of everyone involved will cross.



Set in the vast and windswept landscape of Patagonia, Lo que no se dice (“The Unspoken“) tells the captivating story of two families whose lives interweave time and again over the generations, hiding a secret that will only be atoned for with love.

When Elena Wilson Garrott returns to Patagonia to take care of selling the family farm, she not only comes across a secret her grandmother has hidden for decades, but also unexpectedly finds love. However Omar is more deeply involved in her family’s history than Elena could ever have imagined…

Lo que no se dice is a riveting tale full of passion and intrigue, love and hate, honour and disgrace, which will leave no reader unmoved.


Rivero seems to have cracked the code for bestsellers.

Ñ, Clarin


Andalusia, 1906: Isabel Alaya is growing up on an idyllic vineyard in Algarrobo. When a plague destroys most of her family’s crops, Isabel is forced to marry the wealthy Paco Reyes and follow him to a new life in Argentina. But Isabel can’t forget her true love Antonio. When he goes after her, Isabel is torn between realizing her dream of having a prosperous wine business and following her heart.

Y ellos se fueron (“And They Went”) is an unforgettable novel about love, secrets, and fateful encounters.




Over 500,000 copies sold of all of her titles!






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Los colores de la felicidad

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La magia de la vida

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La dama de noche

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Lo que no se dice

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Secreto bien guardado

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Mujer y maestra

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10 lugares mágicos de la Argentina

(with Lucía Gálvez as co-author)

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