Paulo Rodrigues


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Paulo Rodrigues was born in São Paulo in 1948. He was forced to leave school early in order to give financial support to his family. Many years passed until he could continue his studies. He has been in the telecommunication industry for more than 20 years now and currently works as a representative for the Trade Unions.


Written in almost harsh but pictorial language, À margem da linha (“Along the Railway Line”) tells a story of friendship, loyalty and self-determination. Two brothers from a poor suburb are on the search for their father, following the railway tracks and hoping to find a better life at their end. The younger brother is full of admiration for Mano, who leads and protects him and teaches him to reflect on life. Yet some questions remain unanswered: Was it right to leave their mother and the other children behind? And is this the only route? A parable of great human depth.


À margem da linha is a small literary masterpiece, free of pretensions, linguistic fashions or experimentalism, but displaying huge talent.

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In his new novel As vozes do sótão (“The voices in the attic”), Paulo Rodrigues tells the story of the tailor Damiano who, as a child, hides in the attic trying to cope with the missing love of his family. The voices he hears there make him feel less lonely but also full of hate. Even as an adult he stays linked to his past, until one day he is accused of a mysterious act of violence…




Represented for Cosac & Naify




À margem da linha

São Paulo: Cosac & Naify 2001, 110 p.

German sample translation available

Prize of the Art Critics’ Association of São Paulo (APCA)

France: Folie d’Encre 2009 Portugal: Temas e Debates 2005 Spain: Salobre 2006 (Catalan rights)


As vozes do sótão

São Paulo: Cosac & Naify 2009, 144 p.





São Paulo: Cosac & Naify 2004, 200 p.