We are proud to announce that the Literary Agency Mertin has just been voted International Literary Agent of the Year by The London Book Fair, in partnership with the UK Publishers Association! It’s a great acknowledgement of our work and above all, it's a great tribute to our outstanding authors.







Mia Couto is among the ten finalists of the sixth Man Booker International Prize, one of the most important awards for books in the English language. In 2013, the Mozambican author was awarded the Camões Prize for Literature and the prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature 2014. He has also been longlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2015. Previous winners include Lydia Davis, Philip Roth and Alice Munro.








Right in time for the Salon du Livre in Paris, the renowned French newspaper Le Figaro has announced its selection of the six best new Brazilian novels. They include O drible (“The Feint”) by Sérgio Rodrigues, Hanói by Adriana Lisboa and Desde que o samba é samba (“Then There Was Samba“) by Paulo Lins.






At the Cartagena Film Festival, the documentary Carta a una sombra (“Letter to a Shadow”), based on the bestselling memoir El olvido que seremos (“Oblivion”) by Héctor Abad Faciolince, won the prestigious Audience Award Club Colombia, which consists of USD$ 15,000. The film was directed by the author’s daughter Daniela Abad and by Miguel Salazar. The novel sold over 180,000 copies in Spanish and was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in the USA.








We are happy to welcome the Colombian writer Daniel Ferreira, recently awarded with the renowned Clarín Prize for his brilliant choral novel Rebelión de los oficios inútiles ("Rebellion of the Useless Professions").












The prestigious magazine Livros e Pessoas has selected their 15 best Brazilian novels of the 21st century, featuring among others Sérgio Rodrigues’s O drible (“The Feint”), Adriana Lisboa’s Sinfonia em branco (“Symphony in White”), Tatiana Salem Levy’s A chave de casa (“The House in Smyrna”) and Moacyr Scliar’s Manual da paixão solitária (“A Manual on Solitary Passion“) and Cristovão Tezza’s O filho eterno (“The Eternal Son”).







With her novel El río (“The River”) the Argentinian writer Débora Mundani is second in the category “Novel” of the prestigious Premio Literario Casa de las Américas 2015, one of the most important Latin American literary awards.









Lídia Jorge has been awarded the Vergílio Ferreira Award 2015 for her body of work. Among the previous winners are Mia Couto and Hélia Correia. In 2013, the grande dame of Portuguese literature was named one of the 10 great voices of European literature by the French Magazine Littéraire.









Mia Couto, winner of the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature and the Camões Prize for Literature 2013, dominates the cover of the January 2015 issue of World Literature Today. You can also listen to the KGOU radio interview where the Mozambican author describes his early life, including memories of the war for independence that would shape his literary career:










Gonçalo M. Tavares has been entitled as brilliant by the French Magazine Littéraire. Also, various of the multiple award-winning author’s books have been voted among the best books of 2014 in the English language media as well as in France, Spain, Argentina, The Netherlands, Brazil and Turkey. He has been compared to Kafka and Karl Ove Knausgard and is already considered a classic by Le Monde.









Dulce Maria Cardoso’s novel O retorno (“The Return”) has been voted as number 4 of the 10 favourite books 2014 of the French financial newspaper Les Échos, next to Joyce Carol Oates (Nr.3), Ian McEwan (Nr.5) and JMG Le Clézio (Nr.7). The award-wining novel will be launched by MacLehose Press in the UK.







Héctor Abad’s latest novel La Oculta (“The Hideaway”), only published in the middle of November, is number 1 among the bestselling novels in Colombia for the entire year 2014! Like his bestselling novel El olvido que seremos, La Oculta is part autobiographic, part fiction.









Sérgio Rodrigues’s novel O drible (“The Feint”) has won the prestigious Prêmio Portugal Telecom de Literatura 2014. He also won the PT Grand Prize, which is awarded to the best literary work among the winners of the different categories of the Prêmio Telecom. The novel was already shortlisted for the Jabuti Prize and the Prémio São Paulo de Literatura.








Among the 48 Brazilian authors invited to the Salon du Livre in Paris 2015 with Brazil as Guest of Honour are: João Anzanello Carrascoza, Marina Colasanti, Ferréz, Tatiana Salem Levy, Paulo Lins, Adriana Lisboa, Patrícia Melo, Betty Mindlin, Sérgio Rodrigues, Carola Saavedra and Cristovão Tezza. The Salon will take place from March 20 to 23.






The English edition of Todo es silencio (“All is Silence”) by Manuel Rivas was chosen as the second of Irish Times literary correspondent Eileen Battersby’s favourite books 2014: Galician poet Manuel Rivas has a gleeful field day with narrative in this textured morality play cum thriller that ricochets between politics, intellectual games, emotion and regret. It also has flashes of the mighty American, William Gaddis – no need to say more.








The multiple award-winning Portuguese author Lídia Jorge has been awarded the Premio Luso-Español de Arte y Cultura 2014, which is conceded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports to honour the work that best creates a link between Spain and Portugal and addresses topical issues. The prize is bestowed biannually and consists of 75,000 Euro.








The longlist for the International Impac Dublin Literary Award 2015 has been released, featuring multiple-award-winning authors Mia Couto’s "The Tuner of Silences", J.P. Cuenca’s “The Only Happy Ending to a Love Story is an Accident" and Adriana Lisboa’s "Crow Blue". The prize consists of 100,000 Euro.







Vanessa Barbara has won the Prémio Paraná de Literatura in the category unedited novel with Operação impensável (“Operation Unthinkable”). The book will be published by the Biblioteca Pública do Paraná. The prize consists of 12,800 Euro.









Santiago Nazarian has been voted among the 15 must-reads in Brazilian literature of the last 15 years!

The journalist Sérgio Tavares says about A morte sem nome ("Death Without a Name"): Daring, intriguing and instigating. Nazarian offers us an incisive and utterly aesthetic literary experience. Also among the must-reads are Luiz Ruffato, Cristovão Tezza and Milton Hatoum.







Ana María Shua has won the first place of the National Award 2010-2013 in the category short story with her volume of micro fiction Fenómenos de circo (“Circus Freaks”). The award consists of about 4,700 Euro and a life-long pension after retirement and is granted by the Ministry of National Culture in Argentina. The author is also known as The Queen of Micro Fiction.







José Luís Peixoto, one of Portugal's most acclaimed and bestselling young novelists, launched his latest novel, Galveias, on October 10. The author is now again represented by the Literary Agency Mertin.










Film rights for the novel Nombre de torero (“The Name of the Bullfighter”) by bestselling author Luis Sepúlveda have now been sold to Moonstone Entertainment in the USA!










English world rights for the captivating novel O retorno (“The Return”) by Dulce Maria Cardoso, one of the most important literary voices in Portugal, have just been sold to MacLehose Press, an imprint of Quercus. They also bought English world rights for Jorge Carrión’s extraordinary book Librerías (“Bookshops”), which came second in the prestigious Anagrama Award for Essays.







Bestselling author Luis Sepúlveda is the winner of the Taormina International Award for literary excellence 2014, handed over by the Italian president himself on September 20th. The former winners of the prize are Edgar Keret, Meir Shalev, Jeffrey Deaver and Xue Xinran.








José Eduardo Agualusa’s new novel A Rainha Ginga (“Queen Ginga”) has already sold almost 10.000 copies since its release in Portugal last month!









Marcelo Figueras has been awarded the Italian Premio Scanno for his highly praised novel Kamchatka. Among the former award-winners are Saul Bellow, Mario Vargas Llosa, John Updike, Antonio Tabucchi and David Grossman. The ceremony will take place in mid-September. Kamchatka has so far been published in twelve countries and was made into a very successful movie.








Tatiana Salem Levy’s book Tanto Mar has been awarded this year’s prize in the category children’s and juvenile fiction by the prestigious Academia Brasileira de Letras which also awards the Prêmio Machado de Assis.








The English website Three Percent is holding its own World Cup of Literature 2014! For each country a book has been chosen as representative, and just like in the football games, they will compete against one another according to which group they are in. For Portugal, Gonçalo M. Tavares’s novel Jerusalém will kick off against The Pale King by David Foster Wallace from the USA, while En clave de luna by Óscar Núñez Olivas is Costa Rica’s choice, competing with the Uruguayan Mario Bendetti’s The Rest is Jungle.

You can see who has won on the 20th and 27th of June right here:






Edgar Hilsenrath’s bestselling novel Fuck Amerika is on the shortlist of the European Literature Award! The winner of the five nominees will be announced on September 7th. He will receive €10.000. Previously the prize went to Marie NDiaye, Julian Barnes and Emmanuel Carrère.